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Who we are

25 July 2021

In 2021, Khura Arts rebranded to Khura Agency, changed the business model and improved on the Khura Arts foundation with a streamline focus to make money for all the Bulawayo arts stakeholders. The rest is still unfolding.

What we set out to do

What we plan to do

To build and connect Bulawayo's arts industry.

What the end goal looks like

It's what success looks like

To become instrumental in the cementing of Bulawayo as the arts hub of Zimbabwe.

Our Values

What we hold dear

To do the work in a Creative and Innovative manner
To keep the work Authentic & Original
To connect artists to provide exposure that pays.

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Contact info

We've got some cool ideas
Phone +263 777 16 16 15
+27 67 618 2153
Email heita@khuraagency.com
Address Bulawayo, Zimbabwe