The Bulawayo Arts Directory is Here!

As Khura Agency we have launched an online directory of Bulawayo artists and creative service providers on our website. This arts’ directory will make it easier for people to find, book and hire Bulawayo artists and service providers. It is currently free to sign up and create your listing.

How it works

1. Go to
2. Click Sign Up 
3. Fill in your details to create an account
4. Check your email for the successful registration
5. On the website, log in and create your listing:

Visitors will be able to search for artistic talent through a search filter based on art disciplines. On the individual profiles, the visitor will be able to see images of the artist, a short bio, contact details and a video of their work. Visitors can contact the artists directory on the provided contact details.

This arts directory is a huge step towards more diversity in the arts industry. People can now find more artists instead of the usual names which have become the go-to. It is difficult to hire creatives which you do not know about and the directory aims to address that.

The Bulawayo arts ecosystem already has everything that it needs to function and the directory will provide the linkages required for cross-collaboration and eventual mutual benefit for the various stakeholders in the arts industry.

The Khura Agency Facebook group is another platform to help boost the Bulawayo arts ecosystem. In the Facebook group, the goal is to create a community of Bulawayo creatives to discuss critical issues and start coming up with solutions. It is a platform to keep abreast of artsy news and get updates on what creatives are working on. A safe space, troll-free to have meaningful dialogue.

An industry cannot be built by one man, by creating a community, the artists become a super-herd. The directory will allow you to find one and find them all in one place. Back-end analytics will help to identify trends such as, which artist has the most popular listing. This data will inform the content we create and help us to understand how to better support the Bulawayo artists.

Another cool feature of the website, besides the informative blog, is the Events section on the home page. This is a gig guide of all upcoming events in Bulawayo that people need to know about. The main objective of this feature is to boost awareness and eventual turn-out to Bulawayo arts events. Event organisers and promoters can email us their event details to

Our deepest thanks to the Leslie Nyahwa team which has worked tirelessly to make this Bulawayo arts directory a reality.

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